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Dear Roland Duchatelet

Dear Roland Duchatelet,

Two years ago, a regime did not take over at The Valley to assist the club and support the team, but came to create disorder on the pitch and interfere and damage the heart of a once great club.

Disorder which is, allegedly, needed to drive improvement, make Charlton a competitive Championship club, and create a unique experience for supporters.

Who are the supporters that are supposedly content with this unique experience? For how much longer are you going to destroy the soul and heart of this football club? Is it easier to reach your seemingly selfish goals with a weaker club, empty stands, and disillusioned supporters?

Some individuals within the regime seem to want the club to fail. This is a confused approached, since following this leads to exactly the opposite of what you want: an ego boost and financial gain.

Allegations regarding the CEO are impossible to be misrepresented as they’re there on video and are continuously used as one of a number methods to discredit her position. She fuels personal abuse, hatred, and would rather hide between two security guards than interact with supporters.

Although the regime have informed us that it has happened, you have not met the fans in recent weeks, or at any point during your ownership. Requests from supporters’ groups, and an interested party in Peter Varney’s consortium, have been turned down in ignorant and rude fashion. All other attempts at constructive communication are merely token gestures, palming off supporters and ignoring our real concerns.

We have recorded 32 points from 37 games. A direct result of your flawed regime.

The team has just got seven points from three games, and even that is not enough to make our chances of avoiding relegation appear realistic.

We might still have a chance to make it happen, but your failings mean you cannot claim success if it does. Avoiding relegation would be a relief, and nothing more, for us, and an undeserved reward for your philosophy.

Every football fan knows the 12th man is a crucial factor, so it’s a shame that your regime is so poisonous and flawed that the focus of supporters is split between supporting the team and demanding your removal.

Maybe if you were willing to accept the extent of your failings, and understand the close affinity that us “weird-not-unique-but-weird customers” have with our club, you would see that we have been more than a 12th man in recent weeks.

We have fought for the future of a football club that you are intent on destroying, and your pathetic statement shows we’re winning.

We’re not going away until you have.





  1. john baker says:

    It’s time the men in white coats came to take Roland away. The man is obviously self delusional and totally mad

  2. Kenny Wyton says:

    this is a brilliantly written reply! fingers crossed 🙂

  3. John Morris says:

    Yet another well thought out and well written article – have you ever thought of becoming a journalist?
    I sincerely hope you have recovered from the epileptic seizure you experienced at the Middlesborough match. Both my dad and my cousin suffer (suffered in my dad’s case) from epilepsy, so I am aware of the problems associated with the condition. Thankfully, I am sure you will agree, the medication available in today’s world has made things a bit better for epilepsy sufferers than they were in my dad’s day.
    All the very best,
    Behind Enemy Lines

  4. Dave G says:

    Were you the guy in the Covered End as we walked out on 74 who was having the seizure ? Glad to hear that you’re ok. Great article

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