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32 Things We’ve Learnt From the World Cup – Part 3

20. Goals that cross the line via the underside of the crossbar are infinitely better than those that don’t

21. But goals as the result of individual mistakes are just as good

22. It’s acceptable to collect World Cup stickers at any age 

Of course it is. Look how beautiful they are!


Although it’s fair to say ‘soccer’ has long been popular in America, this World Cup has captured the imagination of the United States like never before. Helped by the relative success of the USA side, that wasn’t tipped to get out of a tough group pre-tournament, the American public supported their team as passionately as any other nation.

They also like a sing song…

24. FIFA have a new toy, and Jonathan Pearce doesn’t quite get it 

Goal line techonology was one of the stars of the World Cup. Not only did we have the pleasure of it being shown for goals that had crashed into the back of the net, but it gave us one of the best moments of the entire month. Bless Pearcey, he ain’t got a clue.

25. ITV can’t afford window repairers or cleaners, but their beachwear wardrobe is endless

It wasn’t the best of World Cups for ITV. Their coverage was heavily criticised, it was all but a whitewash in the contest with the BBC for final viewers and their studio window took a pelting from protesters.

They didn’t see it fit to get that window repaired.


Nor did they think it was a good idea to get the window cleaned.


And why not? Because their window cleaning and repairing budget had all been spent on Ian Wright’s hat.

26. Managers have been gripped by #WORLDCUPFEVER


27. Referees, if not always great at their job, are human

As a so-and-so in black myself, I hate to see refereeing performances overshadowing the actual games themselves, and it looked like that was going to be the case after the opening few days of the tournament. Thankfully, especially in the latter stages, the officiating was largely as good as the football, and few, if any, glaring mistakes were made.

Not only did most officials prove themselves to be quite good at officiating, some proved themselves to be actual real life humans.

First of all, Joe Fletcher being effortless smooth after his offer of a handshake was snubbed.

Secondly, final referee Nicola Rizzoli also being effortlessly smooth, sorting his hair out after seeming himself on the big screen.

28. The vanishing spray has been a revelation

We’ll all remember that giddy sense of excitement the first time we saw the spray used. Wonderful scenes.

29. Choreographed celebrations are wonderful

30. But going absolutely bonkers isn’t bad, either 


31. That was the best month of our lives and it’s never going to get any better

Unbelievable goals, incredible games, world class players at the peak of their powers, outstanding saves, unpredictable. I could go on and on; World Cup 2014 had everything. EVERYTHING.

So that’s it, chaps. Football has peaked, and so has life. We’re never going to be happy again and surviving through the slog of a 46 game Championship season is going to be impos…ooh Brentford away tickets go on sale soon.

32. Mark Lawrenson got paid to witness it all and didn’t enjoy a moment (but he likes sunsets) 

First of all, a confession: I absolutely adore Lawrenson. I can see why he’s not everyone’s tastes, but his effortless humour made the World Cup a small percentage better.

However, he could do with cheering up a bit. You’re at the greatest show on earth, Mark…

But he does like sunsets that look like a football, and who can blame him?

Click for Part 1 and Part 2


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