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POLL: How Do You Feel About Roland Duchatelet?

It’s safe to say that Roland Duchatelet has had a mixed start to his time as Charlton’s owner.

Whilst some remain cautiously optimistic about the Belgian Businessman’s intentions, others are crying into their Yann Kermorgant posters and wishing Duchatelet had never added the South East London side to his network of clubs.

With quite a wide range of views being aired, I think it’s interesting to bring those together and see just how Addicks really feel about the man who owns their football club.

Pick the answer that suits best how you feel about Duchatelet, and leave a comment if you have any strong opinions you wish to voice about the serial club collector.



  1. Not happy with what I’m hearing in his plans..think he has only got Standard liege in mind…he says that our best players maybe sold to himself for Liege, and that we can have footballers that can not make his team..doesn’t sound like he has the Addicks in mind, just a feeder club for us for the future..if we end up with a foreign manager next season..I won’t be renewing my season ticket..Sheila. West stand

    • charltonkyle says:

      Whilst, like you, I would hate to see Powell go and Duchatelet bring in his own man, would you return to The Valley if results improved under a new manager?

      • Will only get season ticket if RD has Sir Chriss or an English manager not someone who is unknown to English footie..really want to keep CP..already lost Yann…Dale and Ben..who next?

      • charltonkyle says:

        I totally appreciate where you’re coming from, and I would be in a state of despair if Powell was to go, but the football club is bigger than him. I think it’s very rash to say you wouldn’t renew your season ticket if Roland was to get rid of him.
        As for the foreign manager, I presume you’re fearful that he could just become Roland’s ‘yes’ man? With you on that one.
        However, you support Charlton Athletic, and you supported them before CP, YK, DS and BA (who I didn’t rate very highly, but that’s an argument for another day), so surely you’ll support them after?

  2. Sam Booth says:

    Pleased the last board have cleared out. But I’m not convinced there are plans other than to be a feeder club to standard liege. I hope the club is stabilised then sold to a London based English buyer.

    • charltonkyle says:

      So, for example, if we were promoted to the Premier League next season with a squad that contained a number of Standard Liege rejects, lost a player or two the other way and then Duchatelet sold us on with Powell still in charge, would you be happy?

  3. Jake cross says:

    I like Roland’s plans for the club. He wants to rid us off debts and start making us profit. Unfortunately This is gonna involve selling our best players from time to time if the right offer comes in. He has a great scouting network across Europe so we will be able to replace them with potential future stars. Everyone is moaning about getting standard rejects but astrit, who can’t break into their first team, has looked very strong for us. In the past they’ve produced players like mirallas, fellaini, Benteke and if we get any youngster half us good on loan to gain experience it will be great.
    I think that the fans have to give him a chance. He’s not going to spend big, he wants the club to become financially sustainable before doing so.

  4. Are you saying what I think your saying we could have a chance of of getting promotion with a load of Liege footballers who can’t make their own team…have you been drinking!!!!!!!

  5. Crankie says:

    I imagine that Standard Liege supporters were having the same discussions a couple of seasons ago when he took them over. Lets wait and see what transpires, its all speculation at the moment and could easily turn out for the best.

  6. Will be happier if we get some decent loans in, bearing in mind the forthcoming 2 games a week. Hope we don’t leave it until injuries make it more urgent!

  7. Colin Powells rusty roller says:

    Good to have a poll. Some of the questions could have been better worded. I would have voted ‘ I don’t think his network will benefit us and, in fact, could be detrimental to the club ‘ but I am not panicking. I don’t like Roland and what he has done so far and would have preferred it if he had not bought Charlton to be part of his Euro experiment. I will be glad when he eventually sells the club. Those that think that Roland is going to drive Charlton onto the premiership are just having a glass or 3 of wishful drinking.

    • charltonkyle says:

      On the other hand, I’m relatively optimistic about it all. Of course, what he’s done so far isn’t ideal, but the promise of financial stability and progression on the pitch, through whatever means, is exciting.

      • CPRR says:

        Good luck to all those who are optimistic. I don’t see much evidence of progression on the pitch so far. Hope that Roland’s version of financially stable doesn’t result in stagnation and halving of the season ticket sales for next season due to draining of the club of talent and lack of any substantive investment. PR guff without substance will not stand up to much for long.

  8. Colin Warner says:

    I don’t share the doom and gloom of many fans. Financial stability should be the most important thing for the club and once we have that we will stand a much better chance to build – if that takes a year or five, I have no issue with that. I don’t see RD’s comment about selling players to Standard Liege as a problem. Our better players are likely to be snaffled by any other club anyway and if the point of having a network is to offer a quid pro quo then we should see that as an advantage. At the moment we are getting players from Liege that can’t hold down a first team place – firstly, because they are a better team than we are and secondly, because we desperately needed a cheap, short term fix and they were available! I am naturally an optimist but reallly don’t think this is misplaced.

  9. Addickrp says:

    Been a supporter for 60 years, season ticket holder for the last 20+ despite 250 mile round trip to the Valley, will not renew or visit the Valley next season if we are relegated because Duchatelet will not get my money for his experiments, because he clearly does not understand the standards of English football ( I will follow them away). The sale of Yann was vandalism, but even worse we have been saddled with players some on long term contracts who are not Championship class and probably never will be. I have visited the Benelux countries regularly for last 10 years and seen quite a bit of their football. The top 3 or 4 sides in these countries might survive in the Premiership but the rest are making up the numbers and the bottom half of their top divisions are well below Championship standards. I am not surprised for example that Pete the Pole currently can’t make the step from the Dutch second division to the Championship, it will be interesting to see if he ever makes it. I hope with all my being that I am wrong but I have rarely felt lower about it all. See you all at Bramall Lane.

  10. ol1gab says:

    We must give Roland a chance , do people really think he would have paid 20 odd million for a club 3rd from bottom of the champion ship with depressed supporters and a depressed team, simply to be a feeder club for a team in Belgium.
    The man has ambition that’s why he bought the club , realistically what more can he do with standard Liege , they are comfortably top of the Belgian league , play in front of maximum crowds of 24,000 and will always be a selling club not only because they need the money (no tv rights, ticket revenue) but also because of the ambition the players will have to play in one of the top leagues. It is these possibilities that exist at Charlton that excite him , if he could make Charlton a decent premiership outfit the kudos and pleasure that would give him would be immense, remember he is a self made man with a personal wealth of 500 million pounds, he thrives on success !!
    And then I wake up , were in the final of the FA cup , managed to stay up and thrashed Millwall 3-0 at the new Den.

    Keep the faith fellow Addicks.

    • I hear all you are saying but!!!!!!! I want to go on supporting the team that I have been supporting since my childhood(now 75) with at least 6/7 uk boys and an English manager…preferably CP..not foreigners that do not speak English or very very little…which makes communication on the field difficult…and from what I’ve read in his interviews…we are heading the way of a feeder team….he’s not going to give us any players that he would have in his first team..but may take OURS..what does that tell you

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